This is the WSET’s flagship qualification, designed to prepare people for senior positions within the wines and spirits business.

The Diploma is viewed universally as the stepping-stone to the Master of Wine qualification.
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This qualification is suitable for those working in the trade wishing to progress to a higher level. WSET Level 4 is also ideal for the dedicated wine enthusiast wishing to build on knowledge gained at Level 3 and to acquire further expertise in wine tasting.

Please note: this is a professional level course requiring TWO years of full commitment. All teaching and materials will be in English. CET 6 English will be needed as a minimum language level requirement. Once registered, exams are fixed and may not be changed.


2016-18 Dragon Phoenix WSET Level 4 Programme

Dragon Phoenix will continue to provide the WSET Diploma online and taught class in the 2016-18 academic year and is happy to announce that our 2014-16 and 2015-17 Level 4 taught class students have consistently been achieving pass rates of 70-80% in their exams, surpassing the average worldwide pass rate of roughly 60%. These students are to be congratulated on their hard work and it is hoped that their good progress may continue under Dragon Phoenix, and through the chief educator Fongyee Walker’s guidance.


Continuing to offer students the very highest quality wine education, Dragon Phoenix will be opening WSET Diploma (Level 4) 2016-18 Registration in the up-coming weeks to all interested students who have already obtained their Level 3 WSET qualification. Due to overwhelming interest in this qualification, DP will be offering 3 different classes for 2016-18 students:


  1. Online Option (mainly online classes with 7 tasting days included)
  2. Taught Option I (to start in Spring 2016 and finish in June 2018)
  3. Taught Option II (to start in Winter 2016 and finish in January 2019)


Interested parties are invited to follow the Dragon Phoenix official WeChat account for this qualification: DPlevel4. Interested students may also ring (010) 59604238 for any enquiries. English language inquiries are encouraged to send an email to dplevel4@126.com.